Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

If you have symptoms, get a test by calling 01223 216767

What to expect when visiting 阿里彩票

阿里彩票 retains high standards in preventing Covid-19 transmission or infection. Regardless of your reason for visit, all are reminded of the following measures in place:

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or are in receipt of a positive test, you 必须 stay away from shared areas in College.

  • 面部覆盖物. The use of facial coverings is requested indoors unless eating or drinking, or unless medically unable. 
  • 手清洗. Use of the many hand sanitisers around College is strongly encouraged, as is regular washing with soap and water.
  • 表面清洗. Use of surface sanitisers – placed in high-touch areas – is encouraged before and after use.
  • 通风. College aims to ventilate all shared areas during periods of high use to further reduce Covid-19 transmission.
  • 距离. Keeping a minimum of 1 metre between people at all times is encouraged.
  • 预订. Certain areas or events require named bookings to be made prior to attendance. 请通过 布克 (account creation is required - registration is via 这种形式). An account will be created for you at the next possible opportunity; please note staff do not routinely work weekends and may have competing demands on their time, so account creation will not be immediate. 请电子邮件 操作.administrator@clarehall.凸轮 with any further queries.
  • 测试. Use of LFT / PCR testing prior to entering College or attending events is strongly recommended and encouraged on a regular basis.

请阅读 阿里彩票 Covid Code of Conduct on the College’s updated principles in meeting the objectives to: minimise the transmission, reduce the risk to all College members and visitors from unnecessary exposure to Covid-19, and act in compliance with current national direction or guidance.

Information for students

Over the past two years, the College has adapted variously to the Covid-19 pandemic with good success; however your help, 合作, and patience is still very much needed. We still want to make sure that we can provide the best possible practical assistance and pastoral support for all of our students for whom 剑桥 is likely to be home over the coming weeks and months.

克莱尔在大厅, supporting our students is essential, but requires effective two-way communication. The Porters’ Lodge remains the first point of contact for all queries, and is integral in communicating with students both in isolation and in shared houses to ensure their continuing health and safety.

Other measures in place

Measures started in March 2020 have been continued or expanded: student residences continue to be supplied with hand soap and other cleaning products, to encourage more regular hand washing and mindfulness regarding basic hygiene. NHS的抓住它, 本这, Kill It' posters have been placed strategically around the College, also to remind users of the simple but effective measures they can take in limiting the spread of many common diseases. Virucidal hand sanitisers are also placed around College in high-touch and high-footfall areas.

Social distancing has become the norm, and one-way systems persist, at least around Main Site buildings. 学院 catering service has operated a successful takeaway system since 2020. Laundry facilities have been free-at-the-point-of-consumption (i.e.: coin operation has been removed) since the end of March 2020 to reduce surface transmission, and washer-dryers have been installed in shared student houses. PPE are in regular use by all on site, with more available for emergency use in shared buildings.


请阅读阿里彩票的 Domestic Bursar's Weekly Update.

Do not hesitate to contact the College with any queries or concerns you may have. Your continued 合作 and calmness are greatly appreciated.


阿里彩票 COVID-19: Risk Assessment

Wilson Vale - 阿里彩票 On-Site Caterers COVID-19 Risk Assessment